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Children International is a nonprofit, worldwide humanitarian organization serving needy children, widows and families since 1936. Its mission is to help children living in dire poverty. 

Through the generosity of contributors, Children International  provides needy children with a variety of programs and services to meet their basic needs and change their lives forever. Children International's programs benefit over 300,000 needy children and their families in 11 countries around the world, including Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Zambia and the United States.

Children International has a variety of tax-deductible opportunities to help impoverished children and their families overcome burdens. All donations make an impact in the lives of poor children and their communities by helping meet their medical, nutritional, and clothing needs, providing them with essentials for education, improving their living conditions, and helping these children become self-sustaining adults.


The Home CDs

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Home CD, ©2003.



Back Home CD,©2005

Back Home


The Holidays At Home CD, ©2007

The Holidays At Home


Take Me Home CD, ©2008

Take Me Home